Thursday, September 11, 2008


/rant on

I hate politics. And I especially hate the landscape of the current campaigns. There is no discussion among the candidates about real issues that affect my daily life, rather they snipe at each other or tell each other to stop sniping. Enough!

I want to know:
  • Who is going to raise my taxes less? I think both of them will end up taxing me more, but I want to know who is going to affect my wallet less.
  • Who is going to at least make an attempt at controlling illegal immigration? It’s out of control and there needs to be some type of planning that deals fairly with everyone involved, but ignoring the problem is not a solution.
That’s it. Those are the issues I’m concerned about, and there’s probably been some answers on those topics from the candidates, but I would have to go searching through all the mountains of crap that they, and their legions of followers, are spewing.

Another thing: I don’t understand why people are so polarized behind either candidate. Neither one of them seems to be a very good choice. I’m frustrated that election after election, we’re given mediocre options for president when I know that this country is full of bright, talented and dedicated individuals. The party system is broken that allows our current options to rise to the top because they’ve made whatever promises to big wigs in either party. That system will never allow anyone to become a candidate that has a shred of integrity.

/rant off


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