Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reaching Geek Limits

Today has just been a fantastic day for all things geek. We’ve got coding, smashing particles and a trip down gaming memory lane.

First off, I've been coding away at some logging bugs that my current project has experienced. The great thing about java is you’re really not constricted by much as there’s certain to be a library written by someone more competent than myself that I can exploit at will. Of course, the bad thing about java is that you’re really not constricted and can get yourself into the deep end of the pool, just a few minutes after eating, wearing a lead jacket and forgetting how to swim. So, let’s just say that I made some educated guesses which weren’t very educated, and now I’m backing my way out of them, slowly, so no one gets hurt.

It seems to me that there really hasn’t been a great scientific pursuit on a large scale since the space race ended. That seems to have changed today; The Frogs have been busy smashing particles together and assuring everyone that we won’t go the way of Arthur Dent.

I have to imagine that if my house was near this thing, I’d be pretty jumpy today. There’s a very good article over at How Stuff Works that describes things in more detail and actually answers the “why in the hell should we do this?” type questions.

And most importantly, I learned of a fantastic site that sells PDF versions of all the old Dungeons & Dragons manuals. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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